8 Steps for Starting Your Personal Driver’s Education School

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Steps for Opening Your Personal Driving School

  1. Decide if you want to buy into a franchise like SurePass or 911.Franchising often is sold with a big franchising fee, but a sizable business such as this can supply you with a number of the materials you will have to start your driving school.
  2. Get DMV-certified to teach drivers.Packets on to be an avowed instructor can be obtained at the local Department of Motor Vehicles office.
  3. Get start-up funds from a financial loan or private investors.Writing a good, solid business plan with all of the expenses listed will likely be vital to this step.
  4. Put up your place of business.While some elect to instruct out of their homes, it is best to locate a building where you can put up your driving school.
  5. Get a driving school business license through the DMV.Be aware that state fees for driving schools could be up to $10,000.
  6. Ensure you get your car or cars.Be sure that any vehicle you may be using gets the proper insurance and signage for a student driver car. It could be prudent to set up a second brake system, instructor perspective mirrors, as well as perhaps even steering.
  7. Write out your lesson plans (using DMV certified teaching materials) and plan a safe, minimal traffic course to apply driving.Setting up a practice course in the parking area of your building is also a great idea, as long as there clearly was enough space.
  8. Advertise your new driving school.Don’t forget the value of employing social media marketing like Facebook or Twitter and building a web page to help promote your online business. Remember that nearly all your customers is going to be today’s tech-savvy youth.

Managing your Student Appointments and Scheduling

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